Shining 3D

Autoscan DS-MIX

Autoscan DS-MIX is a high-end 3D dental scanner developed by Shining 3D. With an open design and modular structure, the Autoscan DS-MIX features fine details, high accuracy, and high efficiency to fulfill users’ demands of wide range of dental applications including crowns & bridges, implants, bars, and much more.

Highlights & Features

Fine Details

It can perfectly capture edge lines of abutments and features of scan bodies.

High Efficiency

It supports high efficiency scan mode: 13 seconds for scanning a full arch. With All-in-one scan it can improve scan efficiency by approx. 30%.

Channel Sealing

Users can seal the screw channel in the scan software, which optimizes the scan workflow.

High Compatibility

Export .stl and .ply format, flexibly integrated in CAD/CAM solutions.

Ultra-Fine Details

Thanks to dual 5.0 MP high resolution cameras, AutoScan-DS-MIX can perfectly capture edge lines of abutments and features of scan bodies.


High Accuracy

The Autoscan DS-MIX sports an incredible scan accuracy of ≤7μm, which assures a reliable scan result.


All-in-one Scan

Non-separated full jaws scan improves the efficiency of the scan process by approximately 30%


Intelligent Add-Scan

With the scan software supporting automatic detection of unscanned surfaces and automatic add-scan, AutoScan-DS-MIX offers intuitive user experience.

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