Shining 3D

Aoral IOS Scanner

Aoralscan simplifies the intraoral scanning experience. The ease of operation provides patients comfort while delivering reliable scan results. Aoralscan enables dentists and techni-cans alike to easily obtain digital impressions. Adopting the technology of structured light, Aoralscan can obtain full-color 3D data of teeth and gums directly.

Highlights & Features


No need for powder, ensuring a simplified scanning process and improving patients’ clinical experience.

Realistic Color

Scans are done real time, with realistic color, and have a clear margin line.

Easy Operation

Utilizes a user-friendly interface. Allows sterile scanning by a single technician or dentist using motion sensing function.

Intelligent Scan

Self-developed scanning software integrates data processing functions to obtain high-quality digital impressions.

AI Scan

Through Al, the software can automatically identify and delete extraneous data and unwanted scanning artifacts to accomplish data optimization.

15 FPS

Motion Sensing

Users can operate the Aoralscan software and complete the scanning process without touching the PC by moving the scanner to give commands.

Cloud Platform

SHINING 3D's cloud data platform enables convenient data transmission for ease of tracking orders and facilitating communication between clinics and dental labs.

Automatic Retracing

The retracing function allows users to revisit previously scanned sections to rescan missing areas, fill in holes and smoothly align data.

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