AMD500DC Milling Machine

AIDITE AMD-500DC dry machine is equipped with five-axis, mainly used for CAD/CAM digital milling of zirconia, resin and other dental materials. It’s quite stable and equipped with a fully automatic 12-fold disc changer. The fully automatic 12-fold disc changer oers the possibility to process all common materials of the dental industry, an automated production is therefore feasible, raising the CAD/CAM processing of denture restoration materials to a new level.

Highlights & Features

Open System

Open CAM System integrated integrated with the machine and multi-machine controlled with a single CAM.

CNC System

Full servo closed-loop control; Zero clearance rotary structure, high accuracy positioning and repeat positioning.

Automatic Change

12-fold disc changer housed, achieving continuous processing for 24 hours.

Machine Structure

Integral casting structure; high precision ball screw and linear guide rails; and high precision harmonic reducer.

Disc Changer

Equipped with an automatic 12-disc changer for continuous day and night machining of various dental restorations.

12 Discs

Top of the Range Spindle

An ultra-fast, cooled spindle rotating at up to 60,000 rpm makes it possibile to use milling cutters from 0.2mm to 4mm diameter.

0.2mm to 0.4mm

Touch Screen Control

The user-friendly touch-sensitive control panel makes it easy to produce and monitor equipment on site or remotely.

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