AGT-L Sintering Furnace

Aidite’s new AGT-L Sintering Furnace is a tool that embodies accuracy, output, and efficiency. The sintering furnace is able to sinter 70 teeth at once in just a mere 3.5 hours. The quality is a given, and its longevity is amazing. Additionally, the components of the furnace last even longer than its competitors, and they are easy to replace.

Highlights & Features

No Pollution

Uses SiC High-Tech core heating components.

Efficient Sintering

Materials can be sintered directly without prior drying.

Energy Sufficient

Efficient in its energy usage with maximized output.

Unmatched Quality

The quality of the sintered products is excellent.

Incredible Speed

The AGT-L furnace is capable of sintering incredible volumes of teeth in just 3.5 hrs.

3.5 Hrs

Large Product Output

The AGT-L furnace can sinter up to 70 teeth at once, at blazing speeds.

70 Teeth

Advantageous Programming

With just a one-click setting, the AGT-L furnace provides up to 20 sintering curves.

20 Curves

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