Shining 3D

AccuFab-L4D 3D Dental Printer

AccuFab-L4D is the latest addition to the ShINING 3D family digital solutions. It is a large-format dental 3D printer developed completely in-house by SHINING 3D to make 3D printing solution more accessible to everyone. It brings users an exceptionally unique printing experience with its features like light-weight, large print size and user-friendly operation.

Highlights & Features

Auto Calibration

Automatic calibration ensures stable and consistent printing.

User Friendly

It boasts of smart layout planning, one-click support generation and one-click printing, which make it quite easy to get started.


Compact and cost-effective AccuFab-L4D helps users accomplish easy digital transformation.

Multiple Material

It covers a wide range of resin materials for dental printing applications, like working model, surgical guide, cast wax and gingiva mask.

Optical Efficiency

Optimized optical path configured to improve the optical efficiency to 200%.


Incredible Speeds

The Accufab-L4D only takes 25 minutes to print a full plate of 8 orthodontic models.

25 Minutes

Ultra High Accuracy

High resolution combined with large printing size guarantees ultra-fine print accuracy and details.

± 50 μm

Large Print Size, High Resolution

192*120mm printing size and 4K resolution satisfy the demands of users for efficiency and details.


Custom Digital, Dental Solutions.

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