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Orthodontic Solutions


Our digital solutions bring a large number of advantages to your orthodontic clinic. Benefit from more efficient workflows and accurate data capturing, furthered by the ability to share impressions at the click of a button without the need to physically store models. These solutions even allow you to manufacture models and appliances in-house using a 3D printer.

The most profitable appliances to produce with a digital workflow are clear aligners. Read on to find out how you can save up to 60% by manufacturing clear aligners in-house.


The Digital Workflow


During the first visit you take a digital impression of the patient using an intraoral scanner. Utilizing the accurate data you can immediately analyze and plan the treatment as well as design customized orthodontic appliances.

Digital files are easy to share and give you full flexibility to either design and manufacture in-house or outsource to a design service, dental lab or any combination. The 3D printed appliance can then be fitted and the progress of the treatment can be monitored with specialized software until the desired result is achieved.

The workflow is showcased on a clear aligner case.

Custom Digital, Dental Solutions.

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